How Super Achievers Set their Goals

96% of world’s wealth is owned by top 1% people and rest 99% live on balance 4%. Be it business, politics, sports, films, jobs, professionals or else, this statistics will hold good for Super Achievers everywhere. At top we have only 1% of us. More than the stats, most of us shall be interested in which 1% ? How they are alike and how they are different than rest 99 %.

One very obvious similarity these Super Achievers have is the way they set their Goals. The usual way of setting a Goal is to assess your resources and set a reasonable / bit higher Goal.

Goal Setting


Even if one doesn’t do this exercise, one is very prone to achieve this Goal. Most of us are not foolish enough to not to utilize our resources just because we didn’t wrote them on a piece of paper and set the Goal formally. A goal set by meticulous calculations of available resources is only a back calculation of where we are reaching in n number of years. We calculate or not, we are reaching anyway.

The way Super Achievers set their Goals is exactly opposite to it.

They decide their Goal out of their passion. The resources are analyzed after setting the Goals. The resources not available are created.


They are able to do it solely due to the passion. They understand that achieving great heights requires multiple soft skills , resources. They also understand that strength of a chain is its weakest link. They spend hours, days and years sharpening those weak links, working on those wanting resources. As the Galdwell will put it, spending 10,000 hours on a task will make them genius in that.

Passion is the key here. Its passion that plugs the time leakage ( I’ll discuss that in next article ) and helps in completing 10000, asap.

Super Achievers just think way they want so passionately in life and start working on it.

If you have set any goal for you, based on your resources, its time you turn it upside down. Think what you want so passionately in life, list resource gaps, and start strengthening the chain.


Happy Goal Setting