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Dr.Atique Ansari

Dr.Atique Ansari
Dr.Atique Ansari
Mind Power Program,
Health Program
Dr.Atique Ansari

Peak Performance Coach

Certified Energy Healer,
Certified Life Coach,
Certified NLP Master Practitioner,
Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner
*Health Coach, Corporate Health & Wellness, Education.
*Clinical Mind-Body Therapist, Mental Training, Mental Health, Whole Brain Integration, Energy Healing.
*Law of Attraction Coach, Motivational Speaker, Self-Improvement.
I am a practicing Mind-Body Trainer and Ayurvedic practitioner in Mumbai, India for the last 13 years. Have vast experience in dealing with chronic diseases with pure organic herbs. Have successfully treated various ailments nationally as well as internationally. I am clinically trained, mind-body therapist with holistic health certifications as a natural/holistic health and wellness consultant, coach, and educator.
I offer to help with confidence and self-esteem, motivation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and self-defeating behaviors and all round better quality of life.
I am very passionate about assisting others on their path to good health and balanced living and using more of your mind to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly.

My training will have a positive impact on:
1. Increase your energy level instantly.
2. Motivate yourself within seconds.
3. Releases stress and balances electrical energy in the brain/body.
4. Creates increased focus & attention span & enhances memory abilities.
5. Enhances the connections between brain hemispheres.
6. Increases body coordination & balance.
7. Improves stamina.
8. More energy and stamina and muscle strength.
9. Enhance your mental and physical performance.
10. Increases Endurance.
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